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Maximize the Value of Data with FME


Want your data to flow freely between hundreds of apps, databases and file formats? If so, GIM can get you underway with FME, the data integration platform from Safe Software. With FME, you can convert data automatically and fully integrate it into all facets of your organisation. With this scalable tool from Safe Software for Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) applications, connecting apps, web services and other applications throughout your organisation is easy.

Use the integrating power of location in all areas of your organization

fme connect

Connect your applications

Eliminate data silos and allow information to flow between more than 450 applications thanks to FME's visual interface. What is more, with FME's geo support, you can integrate the power of location into all areas of your organisation.

Transform your data

Safeguard data quality throughout the integration cycle with FME transformers. Perform unique data processing tasks with any combination of over 500 transformers to ensure that the data are perfectly in line with your needs.

fme transform
FME automate

Automate your workflows

Save time by using FME to turn manual tasks into repeatable or event-based workflows. Make your colleagues' lives easier by automatically delivering integrated data in real time or at scheduled times.

The FME Platform - a simple solution for complex integrations

FME Desktop

FME Form

Set up your data workflows

With FME Form's graphical interface, you can connect applications and transform data in just a few clicks. FME Form is not just for one-off data integration tasks. Workflows make it easy to perform recurring data tasks and in combination with FME Flow, they can even be performed fully automatically. 

Discover FME Form in our free webinar (45 mins.) > 

FME Flow

Automate your data integration tasks

Take your data integration to the next level. FME Server provides a vast range of possibilities to share data inside and outside the organisation. With Automations, you can set up automated processes in just a few clicks. With Streams, you can organise the integration of real-time and IoT data and by using the convenient FME Server Apps, you can share data internally and externally.

Learn all about FME Flow in our free webinar (45 mins.)


20 years of local expertise in data integration

GIM is a certified Gold Partner of Safe Software and the main reseller of FME in Belgium.  Our certified FME Professionals have accumulated a wealth of experience and will advise and assist you with your integration projects.

FME professionalFme server professionalFME trainer

Find out how to get more value from your data with FME  

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