City of Ostend makes data work in real-time with FME Flow


Feel free to take that 'working' literally. With FME Flow as the driver, the data flows of the City of Ostend are in motion around the clock. The seaside city thus works with up-to-date policy data. And all this fully automatically, leaving administrative staff time for more substantive tasks.

Customer: Stad Oostende
City of Ostend makes data work in real-time with FME Flow

FME is a permanent fixture in the GIS department of the Ostend city hall. "The data integration platform is an integral part of our toolkit," points out Annelies Vandenbulcke, Head of Service GIS at the City of Ostend. "For instance, we have been using the desktop application FME Form for years to process data faster and more reliably. With FME Flow, we can now automate existing workflows and share current data with both colleagues and citizens." 

"What is especially convenient is that you can deploy FME Flow whenever and wherever you want. For example, you can run flows in real time, but you can also trigger them based on schedules or in response to certain activities. You choose the direction and speed, FME Flow steers and pedals around." 

FME anno 2023: a new dress, new names  

In May 2023, the product names, product positioning and look and feel of the FME platform received a major update:

  • FME Desktop became FME Form. FME Form gives direction to your data. You easily transform data to make it usable for everything you want to do with it. 
  • FME Server is now called FME Flow. FME Flow gives everyone in the organisation access to the data they need. 

Automation in action: 3 applications  

How does the City of Ostend get concrete added value from FME Flow? These typical processes got a digital makeover: 

Cemeteries - The Civil Affairs Department deploys a mobile application to check the city's cemeteries for neglected graves and dilapidated concessions. FME Flow sends the info overnight to the city's databases and web counter, ready for processing by employees. 

Public domain - Info about new objects (trees, playground equipment, rubbish bins, etc.) or changes to existing objects flows into the database overnight. FME Flow also performs a quality check before the data ends up in the publication database. During that check, each object is given a unique ID, including street name and neighbourhood. The result: only correct and complete info is shared. 

Environment - FME Flow ensures that residents of Oostende can consult all environment-related announcements online. What decisions were taken and what public enquiries are ongoing? The core info from the administrative files automatically ends up in the public web block.

Most cities and municipalities face the same data challenges. FME Flow has already become an indispensable link for the inventory, analysis and publication of data. We also use the system to manage subdivision plans, parking zones and secondary residences. No shortage of possible applications!
Annelies Vandenbulcke, Head of the GIS Department at the City of Ostend

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