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Do you want to display geodata clearly, share it, analyse it and edit it? Standard GIS tools not giving you the personal experience you expect? Geoblox is GIM's framework for advanced, made-to-measure data visualisation and analysis for web and mobile. With Geoblox, you can give your data the intelligence it deserves.

Standard WebGIS applications are great for displaying geographical data and making standard operations and analyses. However, they have their limitations in terms of personalisation, functionalities and integration with other applications. That is why GIM developed Geoblox, a kit for advanced customised map applications.

Full control over your geodata

Do you want a map application in which users can not only smoothly display geographical data, but also perform operations and in-depth analyses themselves? Geoblox makes it all possible. More than that, you choose which functions are available for each type of user. And that for both web and desktop applications.

Map applications tailored to your needs

Geoblox's clever modular structure offers every customer a tailor-made application.  You choose the modules you need from a set of building blocks ("blox"). We then personalise each module according to your needs and preferences. In addition, we completely adapt the design to your house style.




Core functions of Geoblox. Necessary for the functioning of every other module.

Advanced Viewer

A super-equipped map that supports ESRI & OGC layers: drill down, geocode, measurement tools, layer manager, street view, export PDF, legends, numeric & graphical scale, and other functionalities.

Data Exploration

Explore. Search data catalogues and dynamically import layers to the map. Read and filter spatial data in a table with filter functions like in a spreadsheet. .  

User Management

Add authentication. Available reference guide.

Editing tools

Edit spatial data : undo, redo, rotate, translate, edit vertex and attach.


Visualise spatial data in 3D, switch seamlessly from 2D to 3D.


Access your geodata from any location: Progressive Web Application (PWA) with offline capabilities.


Let your geographic information speak for itself. Graphical user interface to manipulate the symbology of layers in real time.  

Thematic Maps

Let users without special GIS knowledge create thematic maps with layers, title, description and custom symbology. Maps are created in draft for review and are available in an Atlas after validation and publication. 


Create charts (pie, bar, line), link them dynamically to filters & map extensions, add to thematic maps (Atlas/Maps module required).


Engage the audience with a story. With Stories, you can create interactive animations that take users on a journey full of immersive maps, text and media content.


Visualise BIM in 3D, zoom in on features, measure distances.

Easily integrate maps, data and services

Geoblox comes standard with commonly used background layers, data and services, such as Open Street Map, Google Street View and regional open data sources. Thanks to its open architecture, you can also easily integrate your own or external data and applications via web services or APIs. Do you manage your (meta)data via a specific platform? Then you can use Geoblox to access your catalogue and display the layers easily.

In addition, Geoblox is the ideal way to give your users access to the data and services of Belmap, THE source for location-specific information on addresses and buildings in the Benelux countries.

Evolve according to your needs

With Geoblox, you determine your own growth rate. So you only pay for the modules you need. Want to add new modules or functions? No problem. Thanks to its smart design, Geoblox grows with your needs.

See Geoblox in action on the sites of Zonnekaart Vlaanderen ,Parking Brussels andFôret Wallonne

Curious about the possibilities for your organisation? Contact GIM for more info.

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