Marketing and prospection


Opening a new branch? Serving your customers better? Untangle the mobility knot? Clear geo-information gives your organization wings.

Our answers to challenges for Marketing and prospection

Marketing and prospection

Getting to know your customers better

The key to better marketing, conversions and service is accurate customer (geo)segmentation:

- You discover who your customers are and what typifies them.

- You identify the differences between customer groups.

- You find the similarities between new and existing customers.

- You discover where there is extra potential.

Data can tell you a lot, but it is mainly in the smart combination of different data sets that opportunities lie.

For example, you can link the building and plot characteristics of Belmap to the 15 consumer profiles of GeoType and your own data from your business intelligence systems. This gives you insight into who your current customers are and where potential new customers are.

Our experts help you gather those new insights.

Want to know more?

Read how a Belgian fashion chain is strengthening its shop network thanks to in-depth customer profile insights.

Watch our webinar on stronger customer relationships thanks to geo-segmentation. 

Learn how to prospect smartly thanks to hair-fine plot information.

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Marketing and prospection

Better reach your potential customers

Once you know who your potential customers are thanks to customer segmentation or building-level information, you can link them to the most accurate address information in Belmap. This way, you have all the information you need to target your potential customer through different channels.

What our customers say: 
Smart prospecting thanks to hair-fine plot information.
Flawless address management at BD Media: the right campaign in the right bus

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Marketing and prospection

Plotting your ideal network

Location. Location. Location ... it is a decisive factor if you want to successfully and efficiently reach your target audience. Yet, designing an ideal network remains a difficult challenge for many organizations.

As experts in location intelligence, artificial intelligence, geodata and GeoICT, we developed a unique methodology that combines new and existing data sources in an innovative way. This gives you clear insights into your sales, distribution, logistics, eV-charging or health network.

What our customers say: 
How a Belgian fashion chain is strengthening its shop network thanks to in-depth customer profile insights.
BD Media optimizes door-to-door distribution with mapping application.

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