Belgian fashion chain strengthens its shop network thanks to in-depth customer profile insights


Who is your ideal customer? And are you attracting them sufficiently? Is your shop network aligned with your customer profile? From now on, a Belgian fashion chain knows in great detail who comes to shop most often and where those customers are. This allows it to focus its shop strategy on its ideal customer.

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Belgian fashion chain strengthens its shop network thanks to in-depth customer profile insights

GeoType offers better customer insight

The first step of was a matching between its own customer data and GeoType. Based on the place of residence, each customer was assigned one of 15 GeoType profiles. In this way, the fashion chain was able to find out which customer profile was most represented in its portfolio. From now on, it has a razor-sharp picture of its ideal customer profile so that it can tap into new potential more efficiently. At the same time, it became clear which types of customers are currently insufficiently reached.

About Geotype

GeoType divides all Belgian households into 15 unique and recognisable consumer profiles. From young families in the green to seniors with urban flair: thanks to GeoType, you discover how your customers live, work and shop. Up-to-date, reliable and immediately applicable.  

Refined insights per shop

In a next step, this analysis was refined for each shop and further enriched with socio-economic data. Based on driving times, the catchment area of each shop is mapped. This provides a detailed overview of the customer profiles that are over- and under-represented for each store. This allowed the fashion chain to reveal regional differences in its customer profile. Moreover, this provided additional insights on numerous parameters such as willingness to travel per customer type, potential per shop and locations of customers ordering via the webshop.

Location intelligence platform

To visualise the analyses, GIM provided its Location Intelligence platform, a powerful GeoBI tool. This provides the customer with a tailor-made tool to display a wide range of analyses on the total shop network and on each store separately. Comparisons between shops are also possible to detect any overlaps, expose white spots or locate untapped potential. Thanks to the access to a wealth of location data, the unprecedented granularity of this data and the clear analyses from the GeoBI tool, the fashion chain has a powerful tool to permanently evaluate its omnichannel strategy and align it with the profile and location of its customers. 

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