The role of geodata for 5G and fiber optic networks


The cost of deploying new 5G and fiber networks is high. Accurate and precise geodata, such as up-to-date address data and fine-grained land cover maps, help you plan and deploy new networks efficiently.

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Efficiently manage addresses within your organization with precision and accuracy.

Are you planning new fiber optic networks and looking for a reliable reference file for street inspections? Do you want to locate customers and prospects accurately?

With Belmap Master Address Management you always work with the most recent address data. So you don't have to worry about maintenance and quality control.

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This is how operator ASTRID gets the police to the right location quickly

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Belmap Master Address Management


Plotting new routes for a fiber network

Planning new routes for a fiber optic network requires a clear picture of the type of road and sidewalk coverage. For the comfort of road users and success of the works, you want the clearing and resurfacing of streets and sidewalks to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thanks to Belmap's detailed classification of ground cover, you save a lot of time and costs. 

How geodata enables fibre infrastructure rollout >


Utility infrastructure inventory and analysis

Do you want to use existing infrastructure such as lighting poles as carriers for new fiber optic networks? Or do you want to know if a house facade is suitable for laying new communication cables? Then be sure to take into account the exact location, the type of pole and the distance between house facades and poles.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we identify both vertical and horizontal objects, such as lighting and electricity poles and segmentation of objects on house facades (gutter height, windows, etc.). GIM seamlessly integrates this information into your existing applications.

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