Carefree processing of plan requests and reading of IMKL plans


Do you manage underground cables or pipelines? Or do you regularly consult plans in IMKL? With our solutions for KLIP, KLIM-CICC and IMKL, you will save a lot of time and money.

KLIP automatically handles and manages plan requests

Do you manage underground cables or pipes? Our KLIP-KLIM-CICC solutions fully automatically answer all plan requests for Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. Choose the solution that best suits your organisation's needs.

SaaS: carefree and secure response to plan requests

Our Software-as-a-Service solution takes all your worries away. It ensures the fully automatic and complete processing of your plan requests. Storing the data and processing the requests is done in GIM's secure IT environment.

Advantages of the SaaS solution:

  • Suitable for both KLIP and KLIM-CICC.  You use one tool for the entire Belgian territory.
  • No configuration, software or maintenance required. GIM ensures that your plan handling always works, according to clear agreements (SLA).
  • You only need a web browser to manage and monitor your plan requests.
  • You can update your data at any time.
  • You pay based on the number of plan requests. The more plan requests, the lower the cost per plan request

KLIP planafhandeling

Tailor-made on-site solution

Do you prefer a customised solution within your own IT environment? Do you have specific integration needs? The software components we have developed for the KLIP SaaS platform are also available for modular integration within your own IT infrastructure. This way, you maintain full control at all times.

Read and import IMKL plans easily

The KLIP portal delivers plans in the IMKL format. The IMKL Reader automatically converts the complex IMKL vector data into more than 450 GIS and CAD formats. This allows you to easily import all IMKL data into your plans.

The IMKL Reader uses the very powerful FME software - the worldwide reference in data integration. Apart from importing IMKL, you can use FME for many other applications involving data conversion. For example, FME is highly suitable for reconciling data with the Large-Scale Reference File (GRB).

IMKL reader

Are you looking for powerful and simple solutions for KLIP, KLIM-CICC and IMKL? Contact our specialists to see how we can help you.

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