Smooth and secure plan request handling with Marlin Save Below


Do you manage underground cables or pipelines? Or do you regularly consult plans in IMKL? Marlin Save Below is the high-performance software platform for handling plan requests from the KLIP portal in Flanders and KLIM-CICC in Brussels and Wallonia.

Marlin Save Below

The Marlin Save Below software platform combines almost ten years of know-how from more than one million plan requests with futureproof technology. Users thus enjoy a secure, user-friendly and smooth handling of plan requests for underground excavations. Thanks to the new technology, cable and pipeline operators are prepared for the upcoming updates to the regional KLIP and KLIM-CICC portals.  

Choose the solution that suits you

Depending on your needs and the degree of integration into your IT systems, you have the choice between a Software-as-a-Service solution or an on-site installation.

SaaS: Hassle-free and secure response to plan requests

Our Software-as-a-Service solution takes all your worries away. It ensures a fully automated and complete handling of your plan requests. The storage of data and the processing of requests take place in GIM's secure IT environment.

Advantages of the SaaS solution:

  • Suitable for both KLIP and KLIM-CICC.  You use one tool for the entire Belgian territory.
  • No configuration, software or maintenance required. GIM ensures that your plan handling always works, according to clear agreements (SLA).
  • You only need a web browser to manage and follow up your plan requests.
  • You can update your data at any time.
  • You pay based on the number of plan requests. The more plan requests, the lower the cost per plan request.

Marling Save Below

Customized on-site installation

Do you prefer a customized solution within your own IT environment? Do you have specific integration needs? The software components we have developed for the SaaS platform are also available for modular integration within your own IT infrastructure. This way you maintain full control at all times.

Watertight security

Information security is high on every IT manager's agenda. That is why Marlin Save Below is equipped with the latest security technology. For example, multifactor authentication is the standard when logging into the platform.

Ready for evolving standards

The IMKL and KLIM standards are now almost 10 years old. Marlin Save Below is aligned with the renewed IMKL standard in Flanders and the KLIM/IMCC vectorization in Wallonia and Brussels.

Improved functionalities

Marlin Save Below is equipped with a series of extra features that support users even better in exchanging cable and pipeline information: better mapping, support for the KLIC/WIBON platform in the Netherlands, an update of the KLIM REST API services and connection with ACM/IDM of Digitaal Vlaanderen.

Are you looking for a powerful and secure software for KLIP, KLIM-CICC and IMKL? Contact our specialists to see how we can help you.

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