How De Watergroep and Pidpa are handling KLIP plan applications digitally

De Watergroep and Pidpa do it with GIM KLIP technology


Every day, De Watergroep and Pidpa process more than 600 plan applications fully digitally.

Customer: De Watergroep, Pidpa

KLIP Digital

As a result of the gas explosion in Gellingen in 2004, the Flemish KLIP (Cable and Pipeline Information Portal) Decree was created to reduce excavation damage to underground cables and pipelines. In the first "analogue" phase, this was done by simplifying the procedure for requesting plans via the KLIP portal.

Since 1 April 2015, KLIP Digital has been active: cable and pipeline operators can now also handle plan processing - sending plans to applicants - digitally. They have until 1 January 2016 to align their plans with the mandatory IMKL data model (Information Model Cables and Pipelines) and fully digitise their plan processing.

The challenge

De Watergroep and Pidpa had to adapt their systems to the new KLIP web services before the start of KLIP Digital (on 1 April 2015). Moreover, they decided to immediately offer their data in accordance with the IMKL data model.

The solution

To meet this tight deadline, De Watergroep and Pidpa turned to GIM.  Based on years of experience with KLIP and knowledge of intelligent data conversion, GIM developed a modular set of solutions for KLIP Digital.

The GIM solution consists of the GIM IMKL writer, optionally in combination with the GIM KLIP Manager. The GIM IMKL writer was developed within FME and converts source data to the IMKL data format. The GIM KLIP Manager is a web application for monitoring and processing plan requests, which can be smoothly integrated into existing IT environments.

The result

Both De Watergroep and Pidpa effortlessly made the switch to KLIP digital for both their very extensive drinking water and sewage networks and the associated electricity and telecoms networks. Since 1 April 2015, more than 600 plan requests have been handled fully digitally every day using the GIM KLIP Solutions.

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