FME for utilities

Efficient data management for utilities and network operators


Is your organisation facing a digital transformation? Then data is your most important raw material. Smart cities and future-proof infrastructure all rely on better exchange of data between people and machines. With FME, you have the ultimate tool for this.

Combining data for new insights

To make smart use of your data, you need to be able to exchange it between systems in different formats. Spatial ETL tools (Extract, Transform, Load) guide the integration of your geo-data. You extract the data, transform it into the right form and publish it in the desired place.

This can easily be done with FME, Safe Software's leading Spatial ETL tool. The automated data transformation combines data from different sources to create new insights.

Grip on complex data flows

To run smoothly as a network operator or utility, you need instant access to up-to-date digital data. With data silos buried for good, the question is how to get a grip on these complex data streams as an organisation.

FME enables automatic management of your assets. Thus, it also guarantees high data quality. Thanks to efficient data management, you can use the processed data as input for business intelligence or to further refine existing solutions.

Thanks to extensive automation and built-in quality control, you have a real-time overview of the network. Factors such as scalability and data security are also covered from the start.

And now in concrete terms

Discover concrete questions from customers we have tackled with FME software here:

  • How do I ensure an intelligent database in which information about my infrastructure remains uniform and up-to-date?
  • As a cable and pipeline manager, how do I handle KLIP and KLIM plan requests fully automatically?
  • How can I use automated address management to reach new customers and dimension my network?
  • How can I automate my data processes?
  • How do I increase the quality of my data?
  • How do I automate data migration for my GIS system?

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