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Our mission is to help unlock the full potential of geodata. This is how we deliver clear insights for making sustainable choices.

Clear insights don't just fall out of the sky

Discover the foundations for your geostrategy

Tailor-made smart insights

80% of your business data is linked to location.

Discover our customised geo solutions for governments, utilities and private companies

Bring your data to life with FME

The FME Platform is the no-code solution that integrates all your data so that it flows effortlessly to where you need it, when you need it. 

Geoblox - interactive, made-to-measure geo-applications

Geoblox is GIM's framework for advanced, made-to-measure data visualisation and analysis for web and mobile. With Geoblox, you can give your data the intelligence it deserves.

A clear view of reality with Belmap

Looking for reliable insights into the built environment?
GIM's digital twin tells you all about buildings, addresses, plots and related topics in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Part of the Merkator group

With our 180 geo professionals, we are the partner of choice to help governments, utilities and private companies build modern geodata infrastructure and digital services.

The powerful combo of geodata and AI

Get more valuable information from earth observation imagery. Make predictions based on pattern recognition.Automate time-consuming data processing tasks.

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