Up-to-date digital maps and crystal-clear traffic flows


GIM is an official distributor of TomTom's digital maps and traffic products. With these, we offer you smart analyses on accessibility, speed and traffic intensity. Curious about what TomTom's accurate maps, real-time traffic information and APIs can do for your organisation?

Rely on up-to-date and accurate traffic data

Roads and cities are constantly evolving. New businesses, addresses and buildings pop up every day. TomTom's digital maps and data reflect those changes in the real world.

TomTom Maps: up-to-date database of global transport networks

All road networks, administrative boundaries and postcode areas worldwide in one database: it is the basis for numerous navigation systems. TomTom Maps collects detailed maps with additional information on e.g. waterways, railways and points of interest (POI).

TomTom Traffic: monitor traffic closely

Get traffic information, map traffic flows, calculate routes and travel times in detail. TomTom traffic data gives you access to smart road and environmental analysis with a wide range of possible applications.


Integrate geographic data into your marketing data to optimise your sales processes.

You get answers to traffic-related questions such as:

  • On which road segments are delays more likely? How does this affect my accessibility or service?
  • Which routes guarantee the fastest delivery times and at what time of day does traffic flow most smoothly?
  • Which routes offer the best locations to open a new office?
  • How does traffic flow at a particular intersection? From which direction do my customers come?


Traffic data and analysis from TomTom provides the right information at the right time for your mobility plan:

  • How do roadworks affect traffic?
  • Where is the traffic most congested?
  • How are journey times evolving on modified routes?

Reliable traffic planning

Where do traffic jams occur? Which routes experience the most disruption? The TomTom Traffic database gives you a clear and reliable picture of the main traffic flows at any time of day, along with a complete overview of problematic situations and actual speeds achieved (speed profiles).

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