Grip on Geo: automate your geographic data management


Managing your geographic information smarter? 'Grip on Geo' is a bundle of applications that streamlines the management of geodata in cities and towns. Your gain? Up-to-date information that leads to more qualitative analyses, less manual work and better service delivery and policy decisions.

Grip on Geo is a set of standard solutions that automate environment-related tasks of local governments: 

For Flanders

Grip on VIP
Fully automatically enrich requests from the Vastgoedintegratieplatform with local data

As Built
Integrate new plans into your existing data
Get your data ready for the VMM sewer inventory

Download Geodata
Easily update data from Geopunt

Openbaar domein
Flawless data management for your public domain

Grip op GRB
Align your geodata with the Grootschalig Referentiebestand

Respond to plan applications for underground cables and pipes

For Wallonia

Geo-referencing on the PICC

The solution for automating the recalibration of network operator data on the PICC.

FME-powered and professionally supported

Grip on Geo uses the data integration software FME, which allows you to convert spatial data to various file formats. With that software, you also perform all kinds of spatial operations on the data, with the help of a library of transformers. Does all that sound a bit too complex? No worries: our Certified FME Professionals are ready to support you from start to finish.

Custom configuration

The Grip on Geo apps automate the tasks needed to keep your data current and accurate. In addition, we provide configuration and integration. Each app comes with a complete package tailored to individual needs:

  • Apps based on FME, the leading software in geodata integration.
  • Custom configuration according to customer requirements.
  • Training in the use of the apps and FME.

Why choose a Grip on Geo application ?

  • Ensure up-to-date data of high quality.
  • Save time and money in your data management.
  • Improve your services thanks to correct analyses and better decisions.
  • Comply with legal obligations.

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