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Geodata offers so many opportunities. At GIM, we want to help you make the most of it. Our 70 employees are all experts, versed in information and bitten by location.

Our mission: better harnessing the potential of geodata

Geographic data, software and brains are the raw materials for clear insights. With these, we build geodigital twins of the environment and develop customised applications for governments, utilities and private companies.

We get our data from a rich assortment of sources: maps, sensors, satellite images, aerial photos, mobile mapping, Internet of Things (IoT) ... the list goes on.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we are collecting more and better data about reality at an ever-faster rate. 

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Our promise: enabling smarter choices

Data collection is meaningless if you do nothing with it. We are only too happy to let go: we structure, transform, integrate and visualise masses of data every day.

That way, we make it readable, visible and usable for you.

With the right data, you understand exactly what is happening in a certain place today and anticipate tomorrow's reality.

And so, every day we get one step closer to our motive: making smarter choices for a more enjoyable life, thanks to unique and innovative geo-solutions.


Today's data for tomorrow's reality

Geo Digital Twins offer you virtual copies of the built environment that digitally model reality and map evolutions over time in three dimensions.

They have a wide range of applications with governments, utilities and companies that want to understand and use the dynamics of the built environment.

With Belmap, we offer Benelux's own Geo Digital Twin. 

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Geo Digital Twin

Part of a strong group


GIM is part of the Merkator group.

With its 180 geo-professionals and customer base of more than 500 companies, Merkator is the leading provider of geographic data solutions in the Benelux.

Together, we are the partner of choice to help governments, utilities and private companies build modern geodata infrastructure and digital services.

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Reliable data, passionate people

To make our vision tangible, we rely on reliable data and smart software, but more so on people: over 70 passionate geographers, data scientists, computer scientists, engineers and economists who make GIM run.

They are at the forefront of new trends in our sector and engage in constant dialogue. With empathy, openness, expertise and evolution as basic values for every action in our organisation.

This is how we contribute to a positive and sustainable society.

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  • 70 passionate geo-experts
  • 28 years of expertise in geo-data
  • 500 clients in various sectors
  • 2,500 GIS professionals trained in our Training Centre
  • Numerous insights tailored to your organisation

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