Banking and insurance


As a banker or insurer, you face many challenges: digital transformation, accurate risk assessment, managing the impact of climate change and making sustainable decisions. Intelligent geodata helps you to serve your customers better.

Our answers to challenges for Banking and insurance

Banking and insurance

Correct assessment of insurance risks

The insurance risk of a building depends largely on its characteristics, location and environment. As a financial institution, you need to be aware of these characteristics to better manage a building's risk exposure and ensure sustainable financing.

Banking and insurance

Transform your operations digitally

More and more financial players are digitising their underwriting process and customer journey. The key? Access to the right data.

Belmap is the most reliable and comprehensive solution for collecting information on addresses, buildings and plots of land in the Benelux countries.

Thanks to continuous updates and thorough quality control, you have access to the most up-to-date and accurate real estate information.

Belmap data and services can be used to :

- digitise property risk assessment

- underwrite insurance policies digitally

- Use automated property valuation models

- carry out risk modelling and impact assessments

- inspect commercial and industrial risks

- master address management

- carry out targeted marketing and promotional activities

Want to know more?

Find out how Aon Reinsurance Solutions refines its advice to clients using accurate geodata.

Read how a major home insurance company is redefining its risk analysis with geodata.

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Belmap: banking and insurance


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