This is how operator ASTRID gets the police to the right location quickly


In emergency situations, every second counts. Missing or incorrect address information is then a thorn in the side of police departments. To avoid such wasted time, ASTRID counts on the expertise of GIM and Passwerk's neurodiverse team.

Customer: ASTRID
Market: Telecom
Solution: Belmap
This is how operator ASTRID gets the police to the right location quickly

ASTRID is the specialist telecoms operator for the emergency and security services in Belgium. Because it is so important that people are helped quickly in emergencies, ASTRID is equipping emergency service centres for the police and the emergency services with advanced technology.

Wanted: the most current street and address information

Those in urgent need of the police call 101 in Belgium. Then you will end up with one of the 11 provincial emergency centres. An operator then sends out the police forces. After the conversation, of course, you expect the police to be with you in the shortest possible time. And not at the neighbour's house or a street away.

Avoiding lost time due to missing or inaccurate address data is obviously an absolute top priority for telecoms operator ASTRID, which manages and maintains the dispatching platforms for the emergency centres. ASTRID is not doing this alone, by the way.

In order to provide the provincial emergency centres with correct address information at all times, ASTRID relies upon specialist service providers. For a renewal of this long-term contract, it issued a public tender.

Collaboration with Passwerk is convincing

For the new wind in address management, ASTRID is choosing the partnership between GIM and Passwerk. Both players complement each other perfectly for this assignment.

GIM's strength lies primarily in years of practical experience with address and street data. For example, Belmap allows addresses, buildings and plots to be located with pinpoint precision. GIM is using this expertise to significantly improve data quality for ASTRID.

Passwerk, in turn, is a unique player in IT services because it deliberately deploys consultants with autism spectrum profiles for testing and support tasks. Thanks to their eye for quality and detail, they are able to perform repetitive tasks quickly and flawlessly. Through this collaboration, GIM is aiming to highlight its social role and give people the opportunity to use their specific talents to the fullest.

Continual address updates

GIM and Passwerk's multidisciplinary team will support ASTRID in all aspects of maintenance: service management and monitoring, interaction with stakeholders, executive tasks, and management of the required IT infrastructure.

For example, a notification system should ensure a seamless exchange of information between provincial emergency dispatchers and those responsible for maps. This allows the team, which includes two full-time data operators from Passwerk, to quickly correct any missing or incorrect address details. In time, there will also be some more frequent updates so as to respond even quicker.

The goal: at all times, the dispatching platform must have up-to-date map material.

Only then can the operator send the right team to the right location, taking into account the spatial context.

The combined expertise of GIM and Passwerk allows for police departments to be supported with up-to-date and accurate address data.
Ludovic DAIX, Public Safety Answering Point, Product Development, Product Owner for GIS at ASTRID

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