Smart prospecting thanks to precise plot information.

Smart prospecting thanks to precise plot information.

Thanks to Belmap, a natural gas tank supplier knows what none of its competitors know: which plots of land in Belgium are suitable for installing tanks? Among other things, sufficient free space and easy accessibility determine whether a plot of land is suitable. In order to compile this commercial information, the customer used plot information from Belmap. As such, it was possible to know the total market potential in Belgium.

The challenge

"If you want to install our system, you need to adhere to a number of restrictions," says the Senior Marketing officer.  "The rule of thumb: for our system, you need to have at least 3 metres' clearance from the edge of the plot, and 5 metres from any nearby building. In addition, the plot needs to be accessible. The key question: which addresses are eligible and which aren't? That's what we wanted to figure out, and GIM came up with the appropriate solution".

The solution

To solve the problem, GIM used Belmap: a data service that displays all Belgian addresses and buildings with great precision. Belmap knows the undeveloped space of every address in Belgium. For example, the customer was able to rule out all plots with a free space smaller than 70 m2.

"For a correct assessment of the accessibility of these plots, it is an absolute must to know what type of buildings are situated on them," explains Bart Thomas, Product Development Manager at GIM. Is it a detached, semi-detached or terraced building? We also obtained this information from Belmap."

The result

"Thanks to this data enrichment, we get a detailed, up-to-date and reliable picture of all the plots which are suitable for installing our system, both in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia," the customer concludes. "Based on these commercial insights, the customer can approach the Belgian market with even more accuracy and save a lot of time and costs in the process".

"Thanks to the data enrichment from Belmap, we know which plots of land are suitable for installing our storage system," explains the Senior Marketing officer at the customer's premises.

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