BD Media optimizes door-to-door distribution with mapping application


Via 5,500 zones with around 850 mailboxes. BD Media, the market leader, ensures that the right campaigns reach the right people at the right time. And thanks to a tailor-made mapping application, distribution in the field is more efficient than ever.

Customer: BD Media
Solution: Geoblox
BD Media optimizes door-to-door distribution with mapping application

Door-to-door campaigns remain a popular way of getting consumers to take action. The best proof: every week, BD Media drops leaflets, samples and other creative expressions into no fewer than 4.5 million Belgian letterboxes for its customers. "The logistical challenge lies not only in the sheer number of mailboxes," explains Leen Dehantschutter, General Manager of BD Media. "We also have to take into account the never-ending stream of changes in the field. In other words, we're constantly updating our coverage areas. Only in this way can we ensure that we serve ALL people, that addresses are not served twice, and that the number of vehicles in new or changed areas is correct."

"The mapping application we used until recently to achieve this feat was not ideal for such a short timeframe. For example, each zone manager had to enter changes on the site via our IT department. We thought this would be more efficient".

Wanted: a user-friendly geographic application

"In our search for a solution, we quickly came across GIM. We particularly appreciated the fact that their team thought a lot with us. For example, they perfectly understood our needs and expectations thanks to a complete technical and commercial analysis. Geoblox, GIM's platform for advanced mapping applications, turned out to be the ideal solution for us".

The result is a geographic application that meets the criteria of ease of use on several levels:

  • Intuitive interface: users don't need to be a computer expert to navigate the geographic application. Thanks to a logical flow and unambiguous commands, anyone can view, analyze and edit geographic data.
  • Tailor-made: with Geoblox, you have a choice of different modules ("blox"), which GIM combines with "tailor-made" components. This allows you to tailor the application even more closely to your users' needs. What's more, you decide which users have access to which functions.
  • Flexible: process changes are easily translated into the mapping application, and you automatically benefit from future enhancements to the application. Thanks to its open architecture, you can also easily integrate internal and external data sources.

Decentralized zone management

"Geoblox meets our expectations perfectly," says Leen Dehantschutter. "The modular system reduces development times and costs. In addition, the geo-application does everything you need, but GIM avoids falling into an overabundance of unnecessary functionality."

"The time and quality savings were immediately noticeable in our day-to-day operations. Our dispatchers now have full control over their own geodata. This means we don't waste time with intermediate steps, we reduce the risk of errors, and our IT department has more space for other tasks. Together, we're fulfilling our mission of delivering activated customers better than ever."

Thanks to the user-friendly map application, our managers have control over their own geodata. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.
Leen Dehantschutter, Managing Director, BD Media

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