Flawless address management at BD Media: the right campaign in the right bus


For each door-to-door campaign, distributor BD Media determines the exact number of Belgian addresses that meet the campaign criteria. Seems straightforward, but it is not. Everything hinges on the quality of the address reference file. BD Media sought and found a unique partner for this in GIM.

Customer: BD Media
Solution: Belmap
Flawless address management at BD Media: the right campaign in the right bus

With more than 50 years of experience and an impressive customer base, BD Media is the market leader in the distribution of leaflets, samples and other creative content in Belgium. Their services also include segmented marketing, for example based on geographical criteria. When such a request comes in, all the target addresses are listed, with details of the sector, the street and even the street segment.To better perform this time-consuming and error-prone task, the demand for a reliable address reference file increased.

Belmap as the missing link

For solutions around geodata, BD Media has been working with GIM for some time. "We have been working together for a long time," says Leen Dehantschutter, Managing Director at BD Media. "GIM has already developed various geo-related applications for us, including a tailor-made map application in the context of managing our distribution sectors, and they also had an appropriate answer for our question around address management: Belmap."

The 4 strengths of Belmap that were decisive:

  1. Scope: insight into all addresses, letterboxes, buildings and locations of interest in Belgium, allowing BD Media to guarantee full coverage taking into account specific criteria to its customers.
  2. Reliability: thanks to daily updates in Belmap, BD Media is sure that it is always working with the latest geodata.
  3. Integration: via the Belmap API services, such as Query Me, Unified Address and - for more customisation - FME, BD Media can seamlessly integrate the data into its internal processes and tools.
  4. Flexibility: you decide which modules you do and do not subscribe to. Today, for example, BD Media chooses the modules addresses, buildings and locations of interest.


Unburdening makes itself felt

The impact of this technology? Leen Dehantschutter: "Thanks to the Belmap API services and data integration services, we can use the geodata on multiple levels without any problems. At the same time, we remove a lot of hassle from our commercial, logistics and quality services. For example, it has become a lot easier to check whether the distribution went well and we can respond more quickly to various customer queries. This benefits both our own employees and our customers."

By injecting our services with unique geodata from Belmap, door-to-door campaigns run a lot smoother."
Leen Dehantschutter, Managing Director at BD Media

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