Practical geo-tool paves the way for sustainable forest management


The Fichier Ecologique des Essences (FEE) offers forest managers a tool for planting and maintaining numerous tree species in Wallonia. Together with Forêt Wallonne, GIM enriched the FEE with an interactive map and web application and injected it with a mountain of forest-related data.

Customer: Forêt Wallonne
Practical geo-tool paves the way for sustainable forest management

The challenge

Forest and nature managers today face ever-increasing challenges: from climatic changes to meeting recreational needs, combating tree diseases and so on. Increasing public support and knowledge around forest management is therefore crucial.

The FEE is an important tool in this respect. Among other things, it provides insight into

  • the ecological characteristics of the most common tree species in Walloon forests;
  • the nutrient soil, humidity and climatic characteristics of different forest plots;
  • which tree species are most suitable for planting after clearing.

But the FEE information was no longer up-to-date. After more than 25 years of intensive use of the first FEE version, forest managers needed new, complete and accessible data to ensure sustainable conservation.

The solution

With a view to sustainable management of forest and nature areas, GIM developed a geo-tool at the request of Forêt Wallonne. This also serves as a tool to train nature managers, share knowledge and formulate advice for the replanting or regeneration of various tree species.

The result

With FEE's interactive map application, forest managers can, among other things:

  • gain insights into the humidity, trophic and climatic characteristics of any forest plot in Wallonia;
  • easily find the recommended tree species to plant or regenerate on a plot;
  • efficiently compare the potential of different tree species based on FEE documents;
  • prepare, save and share reports to exchange knowledge with other forest managers.

The FEE is a realisation of the non-profit organisation Forêt Wallonne, which fits into the framework agreement for research and education on forest management in Wallonia (ULg, UCL, Forêt Wallonne, SPW).

Thanks to GIM's geo-expertise and relentless commitment, we managed to build a powerful and intuitive application that paves the way for sustainable forest management.
Marc Bussers, Director of

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