A new branding, product positioning and pricing structure for the FME platform

12 June 2023

Safe Software has recently given a major update to the branding, product positioning and pricing structure for the FME platform. The vision for the FME platform is to create a world where all types of data can flow effortlessly and automatically, without coding, to provide intelligence to the entire enterprise. GIM's FME Product Owner lists the key changes.

A new look and feel

Safe Software has given itself and FME a new look and feel. Logos, corporate identity and website received a major overhaul. Eye-catchers are two coloured balls: the orange one represents data capture, the basis of FME; the blue one represents the infinite possibilities of the FME platform.

FME platform

The FME products were renamed:

  • FME Desktop becomes FME Form
  • FME Server becomes FME Flow
  • FME Cloud becomes FME Flow Hosted

Underneath is the same functional product, but the pricing and licensing model has been changed.

An important change is that Safe Software is switching to one edition per product. This means you will never have to pay extra for additional modules. For FME Form (formerly FME Desktop), all integration options (such as with Esri software) are now included in the standard product. All existing FME Desktop customers with a valid maintenance licence will receive the new FME Form licence level. As a user, you will still have the option to choose between fixed, floating, and incremental floating licences.

Also, FME Flow (formerly FME Server) now consists of engines only. One licence equals one engine. The purpose of this change is to offer a simpler, more powerful and flexible platform.

New pricing structure

Safe Software now uses a new pricing model with adjusted licence prices. In addition, Safe is strongly committed to "subscriptions". This means that users pay a fixed cost per year for using FME within the organisation, where combinations of FME Form and Flow can be activated and used. This pricing model aims to scale FME along with operations to make long-term planning easier. Subscription prices depend on the sector.

The new pricing structure will apply to all new licences. For existing licences, the already agreed terms remain valid. Current offers will remain valid until 30/07/2023 or until the validity date mentioned on the offer.

Lena Brondeel
Product Owner FME at GIM