With OSLO business park, VLAIO bets on better data exchange


For some time now, the GIS industrial sites dataset has been publicly available according to the new OSLO data structure. The new data structure has a simpler structure, with data that is easier to understand and use. Developers and operators provide information according to the OSLO business park standard. The result: qualitative and up-to-date information on business parks in Flanders.

Customer: VLAIO

To enable decentralised management of information on business parks, GIM is helping VLAIO to develop a database for business parcels and business parks according to the recent OSLO standard. GIM's geodata experts were responsible for analysing and optimising the data model and modelling FME processes to transform, exchange and validate the existing data.

GIS business parks as an authentic data source

The GIS business parks dataset is managed by VLAIO and provides an overview of the location and structure of business parks in Flanders.

On 24 April 2015, this dataset was recognised by the Flemish Government as an authentic geographic data source. (This is a collection of geographic data maintained electronically that has been recognised as the most complete and high quality by the Flemish Government, and that is useful or necessary in the context of electronic administrative data traffic).

It is to be compulsorily used by all Flemish public bodies when performing tasks of general interest. This means, among other things, that all data are requested from this central source and authorities no longer collect data separately. A general feedback obligation also applies.

More quality thanks to well-considered data management

To improve the quality and timeliness of the data in the authentic source on business parks in Flanders, VLAIO started 'decentralised co-management' of these data in 2020. This means that developers and managers of business sites are themselves responsible for providing correct and up-to-date information on the sites they manage. In exchange, they receive enriched data in return from VLAIO, with information on vacancy, (secondary) supply and business locations. The exchange of this data takes place in both directions according to a model based on the OSLO Business Park standard. This eliminates the need for VLAIO to make its own conversions.

In cooperation with VLAIO, GIM worked out the processes enabling this decentralised co-management. Datasets that the co-managers deliver to VLAIO are automatically validated and the supplier receives a validation report on the delivered data. If the delivered data meet the quality criteria, the modified data are automatically added to VLAIO's central database.

Better insights for businesses and authorities

The OSLO business parks standard and the data model based on it have broad support and came about with input from various partners. Thanks to the greatly simplified data structure and unambiguous semantics, partners' data are mutually exchangeable and can be processed automatically. In addition, uniform data analyses, reporting and better visualisations are possible.

Each terrain or plot has a unique public number (according to the Flemish URI standard), making it easy to link them to each other and to additional external information. This gives authorities AND companies even better insights into new and existing business sites. 

Also read the article on the VLAIO website

Thanks to the new data model, partners' data are mutually exchangeable and can be processed automatically. This gives authorities AND companies even better insights into new and existing business parks
Idris Peiren, Teamleader GIS at the Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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