FME for local governments


Looking for a way to centralise and manage geographic and spatial data in your municipality? Tools like FME are key to high-performance geodata management processes.

Let your geodata speak for itself

To process geographic data and model and analyse spatial issues, FME is the tool of choice. It allows you to flow data between hundreds of apps, databases and file formats. FME is also indispensable for quality control and the automation of data production and publishing.

A world of possibilities

FME thus helps build a high-quality, complete and up-to-date geodata infrastructure. This is necessary for the implementation of all kinds of new geo-applications. Think of Digital Twins, Smart Cities, BIM, AI and more.

Insight into geodata makes all this possible for your local government:

  • integrating separate geodata files (e.g. shapefiles) into a geographical database (e.g. SQL Server or Oracle Spatial)
  • aligning your own geographical data layers with the GRB (Basiskaart Vlaanderen)
  • align your own data model of cables and pipes with IMKL (the data model of cable and pipe operators)
  • regularly import new versions of geodatasets from other organisations
  • automatically process geodatasets in the local geodatabase
  • synchronise GRB changes with Digital Flanders in both directions
  • link GIS databases and data with other applications and non-geographic databases (e.g. Facility Management)
  • align existing spatial plans (e.g. BPA, SIP) with DSI guidelines
  • exchange data around the Public Domain based on the OSLO standards developed by the Flemish government, e.g. 'Public Domain'

Handy to know: specifically for local authorities, there is Grip on Geo, a bundle of FME applications that streamlines the management of geodata in cities and municipalities.

For 25 years, our experts have been helping local authorities work more smoothly with (geo)data and communicate better with their citizens.

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