Smooth and secure plan request processing with Marlin Save Below

12 October 2023

GIM and Merkator are launching Marlin Save Below, the new platform for handling plan requests from the KLIP portal in Flanders and KLIM-CICC in Brussels and Wallonia. This platform combines nearly a decade of know-how from more than two million plan requests with futureproof technology. Users thus enjoy a secure, user-friendly and high-performance handling of plan requests for underground excavations. Thanks to the new technology, cable and pipeline operators are prepared for the upcoming updates of the regional KLIP and KLIM-CICC portals.

Marlin Save Below

Ever since the launch of the KLIP portal in 2015, GIM and Merkator’s KLIP-KLIM-CICC platforms have been reliable tools for automatically responding to information requests about underground cables and pipelines. By now, more than two million plan requests have already been handled flawlessly and automatically via both platforms.

Reliable data storage with Marlin

Technology is evolving, security requirements are becoming stricter and, moreover, the platforms of Digitaal Vlaanderen and KLIM-CICC vzw are also getting a major update. That is why there is now Marlin Save Below, the new common KLIP-KLIM-CICC platform of GIM and Merkator. This makes Save Below the newest member of the Marlin platform for digitizing cable and pipeline information. Cable and pipeline operators can now store and fully automatically exchange their network information with planners, surveyors and contractors performing excavations on public and private property in an even more secure and high-performance manner.    

Watertight security

Information security is high on every IT manager's agenda. That is why Marlin Save Below is equipped with the latest security technology. For example, multifactor authentication is now the standard when logging on to the platform.

Ready for evolving standards

The IMKL and KLIM standards are now almost 10 years old. Marlin Save Below is aligned with the renewed IMKL standard in Flanders and the KLIM/IMCC vectorization in Wallonia and Brussels.

Improved functionalities

The renewed platform is equipped with a series of extra features that support users even better in exchanging cable and pipeline information: better mapping, support for the KLIC/WIBON platform in the Netherlands, an update of the KLIM REST API services and connection with ACM/IDM of Digitaal Vlaanderen.

About Marlin

Marlin Digital Twin streamlines the design, engineering and operations of utility networks through the most accurate, complete and up-to-date inventory. The Marlin software foundation is suitable for any type of network and excels today for managing the entire lifecycle of any type of telecom networks including backbone fiber, Fiber-to-the-Home (FttH), coax and soon copper networks.

Marlin Save Below is the latest software module focused on "call-before-you-dig" workflows. The software guarantees increased safety in excavation work for contractors and civilians. Marlin Save Below currently exists in two variants: Marlin Save Below, commercialized by GIM and focusing on Belgian KLIP and KLIM workflows and Save Below, commercialized by Merkator Netherlands for the Dutch market.

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