GeoType: a fine grained segmentation of the Belgian households

16 April 2021

GIM and the Dutch segmentation data and analysis expert GeoMarktprofiel have joined forces and transformed the successful Dutch segmentation model GeoType into a segmentation for the Belgian market. The result is a fine-grained segmentation of Belgian households, with more insight into housing, working and shopping. The GeoTypes are one-of-a-kind because of the fine-grained clustering at GeoCell level.

Boundless segmentation possibilities

The Dutch organisation GeoMarktprofiel, part of The Data Agency, developed the GeoTypes lifestyle segments in 1994, based on lifestyle market research among the Dutch population. The successful segmentation model is used by dozens of Dutch organisations for various marketing and analysis purposes.

A similar segmentation model was not yet available for the Belgian market, while the demand and need for fine-grained segmentation of target groups is growing rapidly.

Peter Trap, managing director Belgium The Data Agency and active in Belgium on behalf of GeoMarktprofiel: "When it comes to geographical segmentation, Belgium is anything but homogeneous. Also, there is no uniformity of houses in the same street. This causes marketers many problems. The demand for a method that allows them to create additional insights based on the customer location grew. The market also showed a need for a strong but easy to apply segmentation model. What makes GeoType different is the division of Belgium in geocells; the size and uniformity are truly unique for the Belgian market. With this development, we underline our ambitions for the Belgian market and show that we are also a trusted partner in Belgium for organisations who want to get to know and understand their customers better."

Geodata expert GIM delivers detailed  location insights and helps organisations to predict more accurately, make better decisions and work faster. With Belmap, GIM offers a 3D digital copy of the built environment containing detailed information on all Belgian addresses and buildings. And this turned out to be the last needed ingredient for the creation of the Belgian GeoTypes.

Vital Schreurs, managing director at GIM: "Singles who move into a flat in a big city have a totally different lifestyle and interests than families who have just bought a detached house. We use Belmap to assign households to the right profile. Based on location and living situation, neighbouring households are collected in a GeoCell, to which a certain GeoType is assigned. This way we divide Belgium into thousands of GeoCells.”

The Belgian households in 15 unique profiles

The result of the collaboration is the division of households into 15 different types, each with their own profile. This gives organisations insight into the consumer's stage of life, income, living environment, housing and family composition. It is an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.

Peter Trap: "The advantages of fine-grained customer segmentation based on the actual living situation can hardly be overestimated. For example, organisations get a better view of customers, can communicate more relevantly with customers and can analyse the customer potential. The segmentation model is very suitable for organisations that want to structurally improve their marketing performance and increase their returns. We see what the GeoTypes mean for our Dutch customers and we are confident that this will be of great value for our Belgian customers."

Vital Schreurs: "One of the major strengths of GeoType is its fine-grained clustering of households. A GeoCell contains on average 10-15 households with the same profile. This is an exceptional precision for the Belgian market and also fully complies with the strict privacy regulations." 

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