Pleiades Neo: 30 cm resolution imagery for unmatched accuracy and reactivity

24 May 2022

Airbus' Pléiades Neo constellation represents a breakthrough in earth observation, creating the most advanced optical constellation for commercial, institutional and governmental organisations. With four identical 30-cm-resolution spacecrafts, the constellation offers reactive tasking, along with the ability to visit any point on the globe at least twice daily. Imagery can now be acquired through Airbus partner GIM.

High resolution Pléiades Neo imagery offers an unmatched level of detail, including more visibility of small objects such as vehicles and road markings. This level of detection, recognition and identification provides more ground truth for image analysts and improves reliability for machine learning capabilities.

The constellation will also deliver higher geolocation accuracy and deeper spectral band information, allowing more insights to be derived for various applications, including the monitoring of commercial activities, maritime zones and the environment; along with mapping, infrastructure and urban development. 

GIM is your local Airbus partner and reseller of Airbus imagery for many years. We provide you with expert advice regarding the imagery type that fits in best with your project needs. 

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