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Do you want to display geodata clearly, share it, analyse it and edit it? Standard GIS tools not giving you the personal experience you expect? Geoblox is GIM's framework for advanced, made-to-measure data visualisation and analysis for web and mobile. With Geoblox, you can give your data the intelligence it deserves.

Standard WebGIS applications are eminently suited to displaying geographical data and performing standard edits and analyses. However, they're limited in terms of personalisation, functionality and integration with other applications. That's why GIM developed Geoblox, a framework for advanced, made-to-measure spatial applications.

Complete control over your geodata

Do you want a mapping application in which users can not only display geographical data smoothly, but also perform their own edits and deep analyses? With Geoblox, you can do it all. What's more, you can choose what functions are available to each type of user yourself. That's the same for web, mobile and desktop applications.


Personal experience

Geoblox's smart, modular construction offers every user a tailored solution.  You can choose the modules you need from a set of building blocks (“blox”). We'll then personalise each module to your needs and preferences. On top of that, we'll align the design completely to your house style.

geoblox modules

Smoothly integrate maps, data and services

Geoblox is equipped with frequently used background layers, data and services as standard, such as Open Street Map, Google Street View and regional open data sources. Furthermore, its open architecture allows you to smoothly integrate your own or external data and applications via web services or APIs. Do you manage your data or metadata via a specific platform? Then you can draw from your catalogue and display the layers with ease.

In addition, Geoblox is the ideal way to give your users access to the data and services from Belmap, THE source for location-specific information on addresses and buildings in the Benelux.


Evolve in line with your needs

With Geoblox, you determine your own pace of growth. So you'll only pay for the modules you need. Do you want to add new modules or functions? No problem. Thanks to its smart design, Geoblox will grow along with your requirements.

See Geoblox in action on the Zonnekaart Vlaanderen (Solar Map Flanders), Parking Brussels and Fôret Wallonne websites. 

Curious about the opportunities for your organisation? Please contact GIM for more information. 

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