4Werk simplifies on-site inspection of hydrants thanks to mobile map app

4Werk simplifies on-site inspection of hydrants thanks to mobile map app


On-site inspection of hydrants (fire hydrants) becomes easier and more manageable thanks to a mobile map app. So too did 4Werk, an umbrella not-for-profit organisation of 24 bespoke work companies.

Customer: 4Werk
Solution: Geo-ICT

Platform at its limit

In West Flanders, the inspection and maintenance of hydrants (fire hydrants) is done by 12 bespoke companies. To facilitate their workflow, but also to relay their information to other stakeholders in real-time, 4Werk - the non-profit organisation above the bespoke companies - had a mobile map app developed in 2016 that combines numerous functions and data: 

  • hydrant localisation (digital, physical and corrections);
  • correct and uniform visual and technical checks;
  • the inventory and repairs of non-working, untraceable or inaccessible hydrants;
  • reporting to partners such as municipalities, water companies and fire zones;
  • follow-up of feedback from those partners.

However, a survey of its users revealed that the platform no longer met the latest requirements. For instance, fire zones need real-time info during interventions, and local administrations then want to be able to integrate the data into their GIS system. Finally, the platform also encouraged fragmented reporting.

Everything and everyone covered, with one app

To meet all the needs and parties, 4Werk, the umbrella not-for-profit organisation above the customisation companies, decided to have a new mobile map app developed. For this, it counted on GIM's expertise. Together, they built an application with two modules:

  • There is a module for the target group employee of the customisation company. On the basis of a detailed workflow (including looking up fire hydrants, determining coordinates, visual inspection, external defects), the application guides the employee uniformly and clearly during his inspection or repair, online and offline. This module is in direct connection with the administrator's module.

on-site inspectie

  • There is also a module for the manager which allows him to easily create, follow up, report and invoice an inspection or repair order. This module easily integrates with the GIS systems of external partners (fire zones, water companies, local authorities, etc.).

on-site inspectie app

New dimension for on-site inspection

This application perfectly illustrates how we use innovative technology to bridge the gap between the high demands of the market on the one hand (e.g. local authorities) and needs on the ground on the other (e.g. customised companies). Moreover, the user-friendliness of the app gives the user more autonomy so that he can do his job more efficiently and better.
Hydrants, by the way, are only one of many fields of application. The same technology and application can equally well be used for the monitoring and maintenance of (road) infrastructure, signposting, bus shelters, identification of tree species, and so on.

The development of the new hydrant app is one of the small-scale pilot projects within the ERDF project 'COVATTI', an initiative of POM West Flanders and 4Werk.

Our new mobile map app combines very user-friendly operation for our on-site inspectors with the high reporting and integration requirements of the hydrant manager
Ignace De Ro, Director Maatwerkbedrijf Westlandia

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