How Sweco designs the cities of the future using GIM’s IMKL Reader.


As a leading engineering, consulting and design firm, Sweco is shaping the cities and communities of the future. To manage these large-scale projects, managing, sharing and integrating geographic data are essential. Especially when it comes to the countless kilometres of cables and pipelines in our country. GIM assists Sweco in this, both with advice and with the IMKL Reader. This software converts IMKL files - short for 'Information Model for Cables and Pipelines' - to numerous other file formats.

How Sweco designs the cities of the future using GIM’s IMKL Reader.

Challenge: user-friendly conversion

Requesting the location of cables and pipelines in a project zone? This can be done using data from KLIP - the Flemish government's Cable and Pipeline Information Portal - completely digitally, quickly and accurately. "A necessity for good design," knows Bert Meskens, Expert GIS at Sweco Belgium. "However, the file format (IMKL) used for that portal's data is not simply usable in our GIS and CAD applications. Manually converting the files to usable formats and integrating them into our systems is often quite a chore."

Solution: making the most of FME

For a smooth conversion, Sweco chose GIM's IMKL Reader. This works on the basis of FME - a powerful tool for converting spatial data. "We have long been convinced of the advantages of FME," Bert continues. "So we soon preferred the GIM IMKL Reader. Instead of redrawing analogue plans, we now automatically convert the IMKL files to our GIS and CAD applications." This not only saves the engineering firm a huge amount of time, but also enables it to work with 100% correct data.  This allows the experts to start from a solid basis to further elaborate complex projects.

Result: an impressive collaboration

To fully exploit the potential of such software, interaction between all parties involved is crucial. Bert: "We can always contact the GIM helpdesk with our questions, and we can count on a quick response. We also find a listening ear for suggestions. For instance, an update of the IMKL Reader was even made based on our feedback. Talk about a fruitful collaboration!"

Thanks to the use of the IMKL Reader, SWECO Belgium saves a lot of time and can work with 100% correct cable and pipeline data.
Bert Meskens - Expert GIS - SWECO Belgium.

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