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The road to sustainable cities is paved with obstacles and uncertainties. How do you choose the best scenario? What is the impact of spatial interventions? How can you get citizens to participate more effectively? GIM's digital twin platform Zanadoo brings policy options into clear focus and ensures more informed decisions.

Making the right decisions on sustainable issues such as climate, space, water, heat stress, softening or mobility depends on a complex interplay of various factors. The digital twin platform Zanadoo brings together reliable geodata and science-based simulation models in a clear visualisation platform.

Understanding the real world better thanks to a digital twin

A digital twin, or digital twin, is a digital representation of physical reality. By uniting different data sources, you can build a virtual copy to better understand the real world. For instance, you can run simulations to test the effects of a spatial planning intervention on mobility, parking pressure or air quality, among other things.

GIM blogs: how digital twins help us better understand the real world

Simulate, analyse, decide

The Zanadoo platform processes spatial data from Belmap and other sources. These inputs form the basis for advanced simulations and analysis for urban planning, climate adaptation and environmental analysis. The platform is designed to be open and interoperable, allowing users to import additional data.

Advanced visualisation capabilities allow the impact of policy measures to be displayed in 3D.

Powered by Belmap

The basis for Zanadoo is BelMap. Thanks to the integration of more than 50 data sources, Belmap contains the most up-to-date and complete information on buildings, addresses and cadastral plots.

Belmap provides not only the 3D base map for Zanadoo, but also all the details about all buildings, gardens, socio-economic parameters AND a land cover map based on artificial intelligence.

Clear visualisation for better participation

Citizen participation and collective decision-making are often laborious processes. Thanks to 3D visualisation in Zanadoo, you bring modelling to life in real time and simulate possible effects of interventions on the ground.

That is why Zanadoo is an indispensable tool for urban policymakers and urban planners to facilitate public participation and collective decision-making processes.


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