The people at GIM


Our team has more than 70 experts working every day to provide our customers with clear geo insights. These are the people who make it all happen.

christophe adriaensen

Christophe Adriaensen

Since June 2022, Christophe has been the CEO of GIM. His strong interest in all aspects of business management and his 20 years of experience in the GIS sector make him a versatile manager.  He is the sounding board for our teams and advises them in their daily operations so that they can give their best, in line with GIM's mission and vision.


Vital Schreurs

Vital is founder of GIM and one of the pioneers in geographic information. Long ago, he was already convinced of the potential of geodata for various applications. After 27 years as CEO, he passed on the baton in 2022 to focus on strategy and finance at GIM. His mission remains unchanged: to build a digital twin of our environment.

babs dumont

Babs Dumont

Babs is the HR & Operations director. After more than 18 years at GIM, she knows the ins and outs like no other. Thanks to her passion for people and organizations, she ensures that everyone can work together efficiently and respectfully. As an ambassador of the GIM culture, she strives for autonomy and trust for each employee so that talents can grow and teams can flourish.

steven smolders

Steven Smolders

Steven is our Technology Director. You can come to him with complex questions that no-one else can answer. Every single day, he makes every effort to develop new products for our clients together with his Innovation team.

lena brondeel

Lena Brondeel

Driven by turning data into clear location insights and passionate about project delivery and strategy: meet Lena Brondeel. She leads our team of experts helping utilities and industry with geodata integration services and solutions.

Veronique De Laet

Veronique De Laet

Veronique is a geographer, computer scientist and motivated project leader. Clients from the private sector can count on her team to keep ahead of their competitors, thanks to smarter locational insights.

an heirman

An Heirman

GIS & geodata, GeoICT, GDI, INSPIRE: these are the topics for which authorities have been coming to GIM for over 20 years. To be honest, should anyone ever organise a quiz about GIS in Flanders, An and her team would be hard to beat. 

diederik tirry

Diederik Tirry

Passionate about geodata, a heart for product development and an agile mindset: Diederik is the right coach for the Geodata Product Team within GIM. They are responsible for the daily integration and update of masses of data in Belmap, our 3D database of buildings and addresses. 

Mathieu Van Wambeke

Mathieu found his passion in geography. With an IT background, he is now in charge of the great team that, every day, helps the Walloon, Brussels and Luxembourg public institutions to grasp the extraordinary value of location.

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