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Something that seems like a simple piece of administration, such as an address, is actually a mine of information. Insights into your clients, potential points for improvement in terms of logistics or optimised distribution of sales and marketing: with geocoding you can unlock such crucial information.

Geocoding is the first step towards knowing how to optimise your company processes (strategy, sales, marketing, logistics, etc.). Precise geographical information is added to all your address details in the form of x and y co-ordinates. One of the first results is a map on which your addresses are plotted.

From location to action

Correct localised addresses are just the beginning. Using intelligent tools you can then define targeted actions. What is your market area based on the spread of your customers around your shop (network)? Should you reorganise your sales teams in geographical terms? Do you need an extra retail outlet or dealer in a particular region? Or can you improve your logistical efficiency?

Your data correct and up to date

No well-founded activities without good quality data. To start with, your list of addresses must be correct and up to date. That's why we work with Belmap, the most accurate address info in Belgium. This platform combines a wide range of data sources, and filters them according to their relevance. Furthermore Belmap also standardises your address info. So avoiding seven variations of the same street, for example.

Adapted to your needs and requirements

We adapt the geographical info to your particular purpose. This might be an address location in a building, perhaps coordinates of the road axis or even the post box. Thanks to the ‘matching score’ you also see for each address how accurate the allocated position is.

We also align our services to suit what you need. Enrich your database of addresses with one-off geocoding? Or would you prefer a continuous service via a web connection?

We would be delighted to help.

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