From satellite images to actionable insights

GIM Earth Observation: from satellite images to actionable insights


In both the public and the private sector, GIM is able to build on over 15 years’ experience in integrated solutions for processing and analyzing countless types of satellite images, from optical to radar.

In order to provide you with geographic insights with which your organization is able to set to work straightaway, we follow a 4-steps plan.

Step 1 — We analyse your needs

The best location for your new (agricultural) site, an overview of location-related risks, the progress of your activities, demographic developments, and more. Tell us the information you are looking for and GIM will translate your needs and questions into the necessary technical specifications and tools.

Step 2 — We help you choose the right satellite images

The offering of satellite images is increasing daily. Based on a comprehensive portfolio of providers, GIM looks not only for the very best, but also the most relevant satellite images and sensor data for your organization or project. Either we consult reference databases containing archive images for this, or we purchase and collect new data, and we plan and coordinate the complete acquisition process from A to Z.

Step 3 — We analyze in detail and tailored to suit

For environmental, agricultural and urban sectors alike, we process satellite images of high to very high resolution. Here GIM specializes in object-based image analysis (Object-Based Image Analysis, or OBIA for short), and extracts and interprets relevant landscape features down to the minutest detail. In order to produce analytics tailored to you, we use and combine a number of techniques:

Step 4 — We supply useful insights in any file format

The result of GIM’s analyses? Relevant and current geographic insights with which you arrive at better strategic choices and make your organization and activities a good deal more efficient. You are completely free in the choice of file format in which we supply these analytics. This enables you to set to work straightaway in the most specific applications, such as precision farming.

What could GIM Earth Observation services mean for you? Discuss it with us.

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