Change Detection and Analysis

Change detection and analysis: detecting and understanding geographical changes


Mapping and analyzing changes in the (urban) landscape over a specific period of time: satellite imagery is one of the sources from which you can gain a multitude of useful insights for your organization, planning activities, assessments, etc.

Step 1: Detect what has changed

GIM uses very high resolution satellite imagery or other geodata sources (ranging from topographical maps to GIS layers) to search for changes in the landscape within a certain area and a specific period of time. 

Step 2: Analyze and interpret the changes

Where change analysis is concerned, GIM attaches great importance to relevance. As a result, GIM is able to distinguish between seasonal changes and significant changes that have an impact on the landscape, and can provide you with reliable insights for your organization and planning activities. You can also use this technique in numerous areas of application, a number of practical examples of which are listed below.

  • Updating maps: you can map new roads, infrastructure, canals, houses or settlements in the finest detail.
  • Spatial planning: you can detect illegal construction works efficiently and measure the extent of the works so that you are able to take action quickly, for example.
  • Managing the recording of damage and claims: you can find out the extent of the (property) damage caused by a specific (natural) disaster immediately. 

What could our change detection and analysis services do for your organization? Just ask us. 

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