Automated Feature Extraction

Process satellite images automatically and faster with Automated Feature Extraction


Fully exploit the potential of high-quality satellite images. Automated Feature Extraction from GIM automatically detects specific landscape objects in extensive areas.

Automated object-based image analysis

The offering of  high-quality satellite images increases daily as more satellites continue to be launched. You want to process and analyze hundreds of satellite images (of the highest possible resolution) down to the most detailed level in order to extract specific landscape objects that are relevant for your activities. For a large or even extensive area. GIM prides itself on its wide expertise in object-based image analysis. Using smart computer algorithms, we create an automated image processing workflow tailored to your organization.

The result? You can interpret a large volume of geographic data much faster.

Man and nature detailed in image

Analyzing satellite images automatically and precisely gives you a first-class overview of human activities and natural landscape elements. The application possibilities are immense.

  • Humanitarian development projects: you can automatically detect human settlements as well as infrastructure in areas for which no reliable maps exist.
  • Bespoke map: you can integrate any object you want – human or natural – in your map.
  • Geo-marketing: enrich your target group and stakeholder analyses with geographic information and discover the areas with the most market potential.
  • Management of green spaces and spatial planning: you can map and monitor public green spaces down to individual object level, for instance, the health of any tree.
  • Subsidy management for the agricultural sector: you acquire sight of small landscape elements in an agricultural area (trees, hedgerows, shrubs, etc.), which are eligible for subsidies. You can also check the extent to which agro-environmental measures are being observed.

An example? Discover how GIM mapped the Nigerian states of Kaduna and Bauchi in order to guarantee the success of the WHO and UNICEF polio vaccination program.

What could Automated Feature Extraction mean for your organization? Discuss it with us.

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