Satellite imagery: before you start

Purchasing satellite images: how does it work?


Satellite images provide useful and actionable insights for your organization. Most important is to consider all aspects of your application from the beginning. How does GIM help you with that?

Area of interest

We analyze the areas that you want to map, just as you want it done.

In numerous formats: shape files, lists of addresses or coordinates, KML or KMZ files for Google Earth, and so on.
Adapted to the sensor: we optimize your polygon and so allow for the minimum order size and form criteria of each sensor.

Comprehensive archives

Thanks to GIM, you are able to go way back in time, right back to the Seventies. We sift through databases and so help you select the best images for your change analyses.

New satellite images on demand (tasking)

Whatever your aim: we look for the solution to match:

You only pay once the acquisition has been completed successfully and according to plan,
Higher priority is possible for urgent projects,
We conduct a feasibility study each time. With this, not only do we determine the analysis time required, we also look minutely at the chance of succeeding: are the local weather conditions ideal for acquiring high-quality satellite images? Are other tasking assignments likely to compromise your requirement? And so forth.

Repeats possible

Do you want to detect and analyze changes in the landscape? GIM arranges for satellite images of an area at the frequency that you choose: weekly, monthly, annually, etc.

Speculative data acquisition

Want to play it safe? Tell us the area you want to monitor and ask us to acquire satellite images without obligation to buy. In this way, you can obtain, if necessary, the images that really interest you faster and at a keener price.

Spectral resolution

The sensors on board satellites are capable of measuring the radiation reflected by the earth’s surface or objects on the ground. This information enables you to analyze satellite images in-depth and to interpret them correctly. For this, GIM offers countless types of spectral images: panchromatic (gray values), red/green/blue, near-infrared, short-wave infrared, thermal infrared, X/L/C radar, etc.

Spatial resolution

Medium, high and very high resolution: GIM has access to satellite images of the highest available level of detail on the market (precision up to 30 cm).

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