MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro, the mapping and spatial analysis tool


Make connections between activities and location. Visualize your customers and your market. Carry out clear geomarketing analyses.

MapInfo Pro is the user-friendly desktop GIS package for business and authorities from Pitney Bowes.

MapInfo allows your business analysts, planners, GIS professionals and even their colleagues who have no experience of using GIS to make relevant connections between your business data and location quickly and easily. These can be plotted, selected, analyzed, mapped and shared within your organization, producing results ranging from comprehensive market insights to improved decision-making.

The practical benefits are listed below:


Start work quickly with an accessible GIS system. You don't need extensive knowledge of GIS systems to carry out clear analyses.

A wide range of possibilities

Choose from a wide range of vector and raster maps and create or edit your own map layers.

An open tool

MapInfo is compatible with numerous other data formats, enabling you to integrate text, Excel and Access files or spatial formats directly, without the need for data conversion.

Support from start to finish

As Business Partner of Pitney Bowes, GIM can provide advice on installing and using MapInfo. If it is MapInfo training you are looking for, you have also come to the right place.

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