With CARTO, you can make powerful visualisations and clear location analyses in no time. This web-based location intelligence platform gives you unique insights into the WHERE and WHY of your activities.

CARTO is a leading location intelligence platform that transforms location data into insights for marketing, logistics, store placement and infrastructure management. 

Marketers and business analysts use this cloud software to understand where things happen, why they happen and to predict what will happen in the future. Working with CARTO Builder is intuitive, logical and simple.

Why opt for CARTO? 

  • make fast drag-and-drop analyses;
  • easily add, remove and organise analyses;
  • gain easy access to your data and visualise them according to themes;
  • share analyses with your organisation (using widgets) without any problems. 

CARTO + Belmap = unique insights

Combine CARTO with the Belmap geodata product for unique insights when taking strategic decisions. That way, you have a choice of extensive sets of data, such as socio-economic data, schools, nurseries, households, passage, etc.

Players from a wide range of sectors, such as banking and insurance, real estate, utilities, retail and consumer products, increase their competitive edge by using these applications when:

  • drawing up market analyses and future scenarios;
  • streamlining services and operations;
  • considering risk management;
  • analysing sales potential;
  • and so on.

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