Digital Roadmaps

TomTom MultiNet: digital roadmaps and geodata provide the ideal planning tools


Determining sales regions, plotting new routes, planning road maintenance activities: with a comprehensive set of TomTom roadmaps and derived geodata covering the whole of Europe, GIM can provide an inexhaustible source of useful information for mapping your business activities.

GIM is official distributor of TomTom roadmaps and derived geodata. 

TomTom MultiNet is an up-to-date database covering the complete road network, all administrative borders and postcode areas in Europe. It forms the basis for numerous navigation systems and offers a whole series of detailed maps containing a wide range of additional information on waterways, railways, points of interest, etc.

TomTom MultiNet is the reference database for numerous concrete applications which include the following, to name just a few:

  • Sales and marketing: determine areas of influence in detail and plan and manage campaigns.
  • Roads and infrastructure: plan maintenance and interventions efficiently.
  • Police and emergency services: determine the best routes and diversions.
  • Utility applications: plot new routes.
  • Mobility planning: calculate routes and driving distances.

Want to find out more about what GIM and TomTom data can do for your organization? Please feel free to contact us .

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