Dynamic online map viewers with comprehensive navigation and search options, route planners, shop locators, weather maps… Do you want to include geodata on your website? When it comes to publishing geographical data efficiently online, you can count on GIM GeoCMS, GIM's advanced content management system (CMS).

GIS and CMS in one

GIM GeoCMS combines all the benefits that you would expect from a content management system with those of a geographical information system (GIS). So what you have is a useful web-based application that will allow you to manage, visualize and analyze all your geographical and non-geographical web-based information efficiently.

A practical, user-friendly tool

  • You don't need to be an expert to start working with GIM GeoCMS – in fact, all you need is a basic knowledge of web-based applications. Convenient if your geographical website is highly dynamic and you don't want to have to keep calling in a specialist!
  • You can configure GIM GeoCMS to suit your needs and preferences so that it will then take you a lot less time to build a complex web map.
  • You can link non-geographical data to various thematic map layers on your website and also manage, visualize and analyze them at the same time.

Want to find out more about the benefits and possibilities of GIM GeoCMS? Then please feel free to contact us!

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