Extract information from images automatically: eCognition technology (formerly Definiens) is a sound competitor to rival the cognitive power of the human brain.

Trimble's eCognition software is available in a range of packages – and GIM is the only address you need for help and support. An overview:

  • eCognition Developer: a dynamic development environment for object-oriented image analysis. It is used for applications such as Earth observation and interpreting satellite data.
  • eCognition Architect: the ideal eCognition tool for professionals who are not necessarily GIS specialists. It enables numerous users – from cartographers to urban planners and forestry managers – to carry out, configure, calibrate and integrate image analyses in their daily tasks.
  • eCognition Server: a powerful process environment that enables you to integrate image analyses seamlessly in your business processes.
  • eCognition Essentials: perfect for users not interested in getting involved in the development of workflows. You can get straight to work with these user-friendly, intuitive tools.

Want to find out more about eCognition and possible applications for your organization? Then ask us!

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