A GDI contains not only a geographical database, web services and the web client from a typical WebGIS but also linked databases and applications, a geographical metadata catalog and a web portal. GIM has been involved in GDI implementation within and between organizations, on a regional, national and international scale.

From regional to European

The INSPIRE framework directive was issued in Europe in order to establish a European geographical data infrastructure via web services where each member state is responsible for its own infrastructure. GIM has been involved in the implementation of the INSPIRE infrastructure for Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.

  • In Flanders, GIM was responsible for the INSPIRE manual and for the implementation of the metadata center of www.geopunt.be based on GeoNetwork Open Source. GIM has also been involved in the implementation and daily management of the geographical data infrastructure of MercatorNet, one of the main nodes in the Flemish GDI.
  • In Brussels, GIM defined the INSPIRE roadmap and developed the whole geographical data infrastructure. We took care of the web portal http://www.geo.irisnet.be/, the metadata catalog and the visualization and download services.
  • In Wallonia, GIM provided consultancy services in connection with the strategic plan for the development of the Walloon geographical data infrastructure. We were involved in the formatting of the geographical metadata and the preparatory study in connection with the download services.

Harmonized data models as an essential building block

GIM has a wealth of experience in working with the harmonized INSPIRE data models and supporting data models such as the Information Model for Cables and Pipelines for KLIP, the central planning application module for Flanders. GIM is also responsible for standardizing Earth observation profiles based on OGC standards on the instructions of ESA.

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