The road register: the reference tool for roads in Flanders

The road register: the user-friendly reference database for Flemish roads


Until recently, the Geographical Data Infrastructure partnership – GDI-Flanders for short – hadn't had a reference database for roads in Flanders and partners had been using databases from commercial companies as provisional alternatives. The road register has changed all that. It contains all the public roads in Flanders along with their associated characteristics.

Customer: Flemish Government
The road register: the reference tool for roads in Flanders

The challenge

Switching between databases, sometimes from different market providers, was time-consuming and costly, and prevented people from working efficiently. In addition, almost a third of the users were working on producing their own geometrically improved data. The Flanders Geographical Information Agency (AGIV) called in GIM to produce a single reference database.

The solution

GIM created the data set using two reference data sets – the Large-scale Reference Database (GRB) and the ITGI road database of the National Geographic Institute – which were then linked to the Central Reference Address Database (CRAB) in order to assign a street name to each segment. Other information such as the number of lanes, the road surface, the width of the road and the morphological road class was also determined.

The result

The road register is a stable and user-friendly reference database that can be enhanced by adding data provided by the different partners. It makes the geographical data on all the public roads in Flanders and associated attribute information uniformly accessible to members of GDI-Flanders and network operators. The long-term objective is for the file to become a new authentic source of geographical data.

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