Integrated GIS for Régie de l’Electricité de Wavre

Grid operator Régie de l’Electricitité de Wavre optimizes and streamlines management system by adding an integrated GIS


An electricity grid with an efficient and up-to-date management system with integrated functions including planning, control, interface and inventory management: that was the request that grid operator Régie de l’Electricité de Wavre (REW) came to GIM with.

Customer: Régie de Wavre
Integrated GIS for Régie de l’Electricité de Wavre

The challenge

In order for it to be able to make better technical and strategic decisions regarding its electricity grid, REW needed a geographical information system (GIS) that would fit in seamlessly with its existing management and control systems.

The solution

First of all, GIM analyzed the functional and technical requirements that REW's GIS would have to meet. That involved determining how the energy company could integrate existing geodata and make optimal adjustments to its data model. The electricity network was then digitally mapped from A to Z based on paper maps and vector data. After that, the Feature Manipulation Engine tool (FME) was also used to integrate specific geographical data – such as lighting systems, the basemap and nearby factories – in the system.

The result

During the final phase of the project, GIM set up a multi-user environment in order to enable all REW's external systems to be integrated into the GIS. From an ERP planning module to a SCADA remote control system and even a mobile application: GIM provided the grid operator with a perfectly synchronized, streamlined and customized GIS in the form of the ArcGIS server, ArcFM UT and UT Integrator.

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