GIS application calculates the optimum location for pharmacies


Location has a decisive influence on the success of a sales outlet. Pharmacies are no exception. In addition, strict conditions are imposed by the Establishment of Businesses Act. Imphact and GIM have developed a service package for determining the optimum location for a new pharmacy that takes account of a broad range of criteria.

Customer: Pharmacies
GIS application calculates the optimum location for pharmacies

The challenge

Traditionally, the economic potential of a pharmacy is estimated based on the number of visitors from the nearest economic center. However, there are a lot of other influencing elements too: competition, demography, social class, accessibility, etc. Consultancy company Imphact wanted an application that would calculate the optimum location based on all these criteria and check it against the provisions in the Establishment of Businesses Act.

The solution

GIM set to work with data from various sources. The list of existing pharmacies was enhanced by adding data from various sources and linked to the criteria from the Establishment of Businesses Act. The result? A GIS application that awards a score to – existing and potential – sales outlets based on population characteristics, income data, average travel times and other characteristics of the catchment area. If catchment areas overlap, the application will divide the potential between the two sales outlets.

The result

From now on, pharmacists will be able to pinpoint the optimum location for opening a new pharmacy or relocating an existing pharmacy with even greater accuracy. Dozens of customers have used this service so far.

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