GIM helps Ferrero to organize its sales activities


Ferrero's sales representatives maintain contact with the sales outlets for the company's various brands of chocolate and confectionery. The sales team needs to be organized on a regional basis with maximum precision in order to provide optimum support for the sales outlets and increase sales. That is why the manufacturer carries out an annual in-depth analysis of its sales organization. GIM helps Ferrero to carry out this interactive exercise by delving into the company's data.

Customer: Ferrero
GIM helps Ferrero to organize its sales activities

The challenge

How do you put together a balanced portfolio for each representative? It's no easy task with all the information that needs to be included: the number of branches operated by each individual distributor, the sales made by each sales outlet, location, product range, speciality as well as the movements and schedules of the sales representative. What is more, because of the high turnover of both sales outlets and representatives as well as the fact that the company regularly adjusts its sales approach based on market circumstances, the exercise has to be carried out every year.

The solution

The analysis that GIM is commissioned to carry out by Ferrero is an interactive exercise. The result, in the form of maps and numerical data, is an essential part of the decision-making process of the sales management team. Therefore continuous interaction between decision-makers and analysts is an absolute must.

The result

The analysis carried out by GIM enables Ferrero to get the best out of its field sales team since all the representatives are able to estimate the importance of each distribution point within their entire portfolio efficiently based on various parameters. They can then divide their attention accordingly.

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