Cebeo maps potential of sales network


Cebeo is the leading distributor of electrical supplies for professional customers within the Belgian market. The electrical wholesaler has around thirty branches for that target group but doesn't want to miss a single business opportunity. That is why the company was on the lookout for an objective basis for the further expansion of its sales network.

Customer: Cebeo
Cebeo maps potential of sales network

The challenge

In concrete terms, Cebeo wanted to gain a better insight into the total potential of its existing sales outlets and to pinpoint interesting locations for new branches. GIM was commissioned to carry out a branch analysis based on customer data.

The solution

GIM studied Cebeo's customer data and delineated the catchment area for each sales outlet. Then GIM mapped the potential based on the address files of installation contractors, including a number of business details such as number of employees and market share. By linking potential, current catchment areas and competing electrical wholesalers, GIM was able to calculate the untapped potential.

The result

Based on GIM's report containing maps and recommendations, Cebeo was able to identify areas where the market was not yet saturated and investigate the potential of a new branch, as it is this type of area where it may be of interest to the distributor to open a new sales outlet or to consider taking over an existing sales outlet.

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