Retail & Point of Sale

Optimize the geographical spread of your sales network and organize location-specific campaigns so that your shops and POS locations can achieve impressive results.

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Retail & Point of Sale

Optimize the performance of your sales network and find the ideal location for a sales outlet

Which potential shop location would attract the most customers? GIM can analyze geodata in order to find an answer to that pressing question regarding your sales network.

We can map the market potential and performance of (potential) sales outlets accurately, and also for highly specific sectors, so that you can optimize the geographical spread of your sales network and immediately see where you should stop or expand your POS activities. For example, read more about how GIM determined the best location for pharmacies.

Find out more about our solution: Retail Location Planning.

Retail & Point of Sale

Plan location-specific media campaigns efficiently

What you need in order to be able to take the ROI of your media and marketing campaigns to new heights is a wealth of geographical information: from the distribution areas with the highest concentration of potential customers to the communication behavior of your target groups within a specific region.

Based on geo-analyses, GIM can help you to make the right decisions such as the best communication channels to choose for your campaign. For example, GIM worked with bpost on the development of an online circulation calculator to help advertizers determine the regional distribution of their unaddressed mailings.

Find out more about our solution: Marketing Campaign Targeting.

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