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Some areas of farmland require particular attention. But how do you know which ones? Satellite images can provide you with the geographical insight that you need to support your precision agriculture operations in order to increase your yield in the most cost-effective way.

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Precision Agriculture

Determine the exact potential of your arable land

Which fields have the most homogeneous conditions, thus guaranteeing a harvest of the highest quality? Where is the best place to sow a particular crop? Which areas are the most suitable for developing new agricultural activities?

These are just a few of the questions for which satellite images can provide an answer. By mapping and analyzing soil properties and conditions, GIM can provide you with the geographical insight that you need in order to be able to make more efficient decisions. You will also get a detailed overview of all your fields, enabling you to optimize the rotation of your crops.

Precision Agriculture

Targeted crop management: the right input at the right place

Want to take your crop yields to new heights while minimizing your efforts? Then specific insight into the landscape variations on your land and detailed monitoring are absolute musts. GIM can analyze satellite imagery at regular intervals in order to give you a better understanding of every corner of your land.

Not only the evolution of your crop but also the extent and severity of plant diseases and plant stress, weeds and pest infestations will be precisely determined, enabling you to apply targeted measures where they are needed and also plan your harvest better.

The result? Your fields will no longer be managed as uniform entities. You will save on expensive input and time-consuming applications. You will also reduce the impact of your activity on the environment. 

Precision Agriculture

(Tropical) plantation development and sustainable management

Satellite images can give you the right geographical insight at the right time in order to increase your yield. As a result, you will be able to:

- efficiently develop tropical plantation projects and monitor their evolution (in the short term and long term, i.e. during development and exploitation);

- separately monitor the health status of every individual tree;

- plan your harvests efficiently and closely track the rollout of your harvesting schedule;

- implement the targeted irrigation and management of your orchards.

The result? You will be able to visualize and better understand the effects of pest infestations, plant diseases and other types of plant stress. This will give you the ideal basis for carrying out decisive, targeted mitigation measures in order to protect your trees and yield, without wasting your time and money on resources such as pesticides. In addition, the analyses carried out by GIM will assist your search for suitable farmland by providing information on past crop performances extracted from archive imagery. 

Learn for instance how GIM helped plantation company Socfinco using satellite imagery to find interesting sites for agricultural and forestry projects in Ghana. 

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