Map Widget

GIS functionality via the Internet or your intranet


Do you wish to embed interactive maps quickly and in a user-friendly manner into your website or application? Then Map Widget is the solution.

The Map Widget is the perfect module for the development of interactive online map applications. Not only can users view and navigate the map, they can also easily perform analyses and operations.

Generic code, specific customisation

Would you like a map whereby users can not only scroll, look up addresses and zoom in and out, but also perform their own operations and analyses? No problem, it's all possible with Map Widget.

Our experts will create a customised map for you. When doing so, we use a standard building package  that we personalise, depending on the request. That's why our map applications are developed more quickly than an application that starts from scratch.

Open source

The Map Widget module uses open source software such as Open Layers and PostgreSQL. You have no licence fees to pay when you use the Map Widget. Furthermore, the Map Widget connects easily with other applications and data sources using APIs.

The Map Widget is the perfect solution for customised interactive maps, which are easily integrated into your own web environment.

See the Map Widget in action on the sites of Zonnekaart Vlaanderen (Solar Map Flanders) and Fôret Wallonne (Walloon Forest).

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