Open Source GIS

Open Source GIS: powerful, open applications without license fees


GIM develops GIS applications based on the most powerful open source GIS software, which moreover has enjoyed great worldwide success in the public sector and industry alike.

What open source has to offer

Thanks to GIM, you can also enjoy the benefits of open source for your geographic information system (GIS):

  • You pay no license fees,
  • You have access to the source code, which you can manipulate just as you choose,
  • A worldwide network of developers and IT companies supports your GIS software.

QGIS: user-friendly GIS desktop

Quantum GIS (QGIS) provides intuitive GIS software enabling you to visualize, consult and manage geographic information easily. The practical advantages? QGIS:

  • Supports most known GIS formats,
  • Runs on common desktop operating systems,
  • Can be expanded with numerous plug-ins.

Not able to find what you are looking for in the existing range? Then go to GIM for the development of a plug-in tailored to suit you.

GeoServer: set up high-performance geographic web services simply

GeoServer provides geographic data in the form of interoperable web services. Industry and the public sector are increasingly using this popular software as the fundamental building block for their GDI. The plus points?

GeoServer is:

  • Very easily configured,
  • Intuitive to use,
  • Faster and better performing than its commercial rivals,
  • Fully scalable,
  • Guaranteed a long future thanks to the support of a stable, growing community of users and developers.

Curious about the possibilities? GIM uses GeoServer for numerous public sector customers for developing operational GIS applications.

PostGIS: free and stable geographic database

PostGreSQL is a stable, high-performance object-relational database. Not only is it free in use, it is also easy to manage thanks to, among other things, the intuitive PG administration tool. With the PostGIS add-on, you can make PostGreSQL suitable as a central data source for all your spatial data. Furthermore, numerous open source and commercial GIS Desktop and Server solutions support PostGIS.

Want to set to work yourself as a GIS coordinator using PostGreSQL? After a short training course, you will know all the tricks of the trade.

GeoNetwork: a comprehensive catalog for geographic metadata

A free, user-friendly solution for creating and managing your metadata: that is GeoNetwork in a nutshell. With this easily installed web application, very soon you will have a fully web-based metadata solution implementing INSPIRE metadata and discovery services requirements. An example? Discover what GIM has achieved for Geopunt. 

Open layers: JavaScript API for developing web maps

Want to integrate a simple interactive map in your web application quickly and efficiently? Then OpenLayers is for you. This software is just the thing for high-performance, responsive web maps and provides support for numerous interoperable web services and vector data formats. Furthermore, thanks to the support of our GIM experts, you can get to work with it yourself quickly.

Do you want more advanced functionalities or web maps, which you yourself can maintain without any programming? Then be sure to look at our GIM GeoCMS solution.

Want to know more about the possibilities of open source software for your GIS? Ask us the question, without obligation.

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